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Posted in Anime, Vocaloid on 29/08/2009 by sichiri

Hatsune Miku live at Animelo 2009 Re_Bridge

Hatsune Miku performed “live” at Animelo 2009. She did a short greeting to the audience and sang Miku Miku Shite Ageru and also Black Rock Shooter,

backed up by a live band. This was followed by a short preview of the upcoming anime adaptation of Black Rock Shooter.

I can already feel the epic-ness from watching the clip. ^ ^

Black Rock Shooter anime adaptation announced!

Also in the youtube clip, The Black Rock Shooter project has been revealed. DVD & Blueray version of the pilot episode will be on sale in late September.

Also included with the episode will be the singles album of the Live version of the original Black Rock Shooter.

Official site :
Director : Shinobu YOSHIOKA (吉岡忍)
Supervisor : Yutaka YAMAMOTO (山本寛)
Character-Designer : Yuusuke MATSUO (松尾祐輔)
Animation production : Ordet


New Vocaloid Album by kz.


Legendary Vocaloid composer kz. has released a new album, consisting of song by featuring Hatsune Miku and Gumi(Megpoid)

previews of the songs in PV can be seen here :

The album is available NOW on Playasia :

source :


GACC 2009 part 1

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I was sad… not because there was no seiyuu appearance this year at GACC, and it was not because the H1N1 outbreak scared many people from attending it.

I was sad because I would not be seeing GACC again until next year. GACC…was… FANTASTIC!

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Vocaloid@Taman Tasik Perdana part 2.

Posted in Cosplay, Vocaloid on 04/08/2009 by sichiri

Just found out today that there were more than one photographer at Sunday’s Vocaloid  shooting.

So today’s highlight is photographer Justin Hee’s.

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Vocaloid@Taman Tasik Perdana

Posted in Cosplay, Vocaloid on 03/08/2009 by sichiri

her '01' tattoo needs to be clearer methinks

Pics from a recent local Vocaloid cosplay shoot, photographed by Aoshi_88

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Hatsune Miku “Live” at Animelo 09?

Posted in Events on 02/08/2009 by sichiri

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New Black Rock Shooter figure at Wonfes

Posted in Events, Figures on 27/07/2009 by sichiri

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Bon Odori 2009 (Shah Alam)

Posted in Events on 24/07/2009 by sichiri

Things I did at Bon Odori :

-line up
-take pictures
-line up some more
-take pictures
-line up again
-back to the line for ice cream
kidnap a lolipictures

right. Pictures, this way ->

zerg rush. For food.

Spawn more Overlords.

Daicon@MMU Cyberjaya Day 2

Posted in Events on 14/07/2009 by sichiri

Right, day 2. Good news is there alot more cosplayers around this time.  Bad news is, the light were off at 2.30PM to test the stage equipments. So basically you can’t take any pictures indoors by then.

Our figure booth is busy as usual.

Our figure booth is busy as usual.

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Daicon@MMU Cyberjaya Day 01

Posted in Events, Figures on 13/07/2009 by sichiri

Theres just so much things to write I don’t even know where to begin. OK here goes…

The first Daicon of Malaysia was held at Multimedia University, Cyberjaya from 11th July till 12th July 2009. Its the first event to actually bring in a prominent female seiyuu-cum-singer from Japan. I was there for both days of the event and I have to say, despite some minor issues, it has been a really great event.

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Harian Metro on anime figurines.

Posted in Figures, Other stuff with tags on 07/07/2009 by sichiri

On this :

Oh Tabloids! How I love them. Once they run out of local celebrity sexual gossips to feed on they turn their eyes on ANYTHING sexually related.

In fact, this isn’t the first time they poked fun at anime figurines. This is a copy of their front page 4th August 2008.

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